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Baltonsborough Community Association




And so it ends…..


At the annual meeting of BCA held on 1st May it was decided that it was time to bring the Baltonsborough Community Association, started in 2007 by Peter Sage, finally to a close. The reasons for this were that we had found it impossible to retain younger members on the committee as their lives are so busy and, importantly, other organisations in the village have become increasingly active and provided the sorts of events which are popular in the community; this of course is a very good thing.


However just before we go I should like to run over some of the events BCA has provided over the years: who will ever forget the outstanding pageant, organised by Sue Peto, involving the whole village in 2008? Then there were several festivals with musical, art and sporting activities to celebrate jubilees and other royal events. There were also concerts, talks and a barn dance. Other events provided services to the community, e.g. a First Aid day led by St John Ambulance, a packed-out hustings held before the last general election and a thank you tea for the staff of the old shop. We also donated money towards the Senior Citizens’ lunch, the road run on Show day, Honeymead Garden Society, the RBL towards the end of WW2 celebrations and trees for the new park where the old play park was.


Our final decision was to offer our assets (£3343.35) to the Village Hall committee, ring-fenced for the purpose of encouraging sport in the village.


So a big thank you to everyone who helped in any way, but especially the very hardworking members of the present committee, John Westcott, the chairman, Hazel Bridges, the treasurer, Cath Tickell who organised all our arts events, Martin Fox, who turned his hand to any job that came up and Beverley Sessions who catered for all the events. 


Jennifer Westcott (BCA secretary)