Baltonsborough Parish Council

Community Grants

Community Grants are available to most local community groups, so if you are involved in a local organisation and need some money for doing something, do have a look at the grants policy below to see if you would qualify.  

Grants Policy – S.137 Payments


Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 allows local authorities, including Parish Councils, to incur expenditure which will bring direct benefit to their area or any part of it, or to all or some of its inhabitants. Limits are imposed by the legislation and the amount of money available to the Parish Council through the annual precept.
Baltonsborough Parish Council sets an amount of money aside each year under Section137 for a community grants fund in order to help local groups who apply for funds (and cannot raise sufficient funds to cover the cost of the service being provided to the community). The Parish Council has therefore agreed that the following criteria must be met before a grant can be awarded.   

Criteria to be met

Applicants for grants may be made by charitable, voluntary organisations or individuals on behalf of their organisation.
The organisation must benefit the Baltonsborough community and priority will be given to applications:
● That improve the quality of life for Baltonsborough residents
● That support the viability of small Baltonsborough based groups
● That clearly demonstrate financial need

When assessing an application, the Parish Council will take the following into consideration:

1. The use to which the money will be put and the consequent benefits to the community.
2. Whether match-funding is being offered (this includes volunteer labour)
3. If the sum is in proportion to the percentage of the population who will benefit
4. If the applicant is a group which includes members from outside Baltonsborough, whether funding been sought from the other areas represented.
5. Whether audited accounts or a statement of income and expenditure are available


The Parish Council will support an organisation with a grant in consecutive years provided that the organisation submits a report each year detailing how the grant has been spent and what efforts have been made to become self-sufficient.                        
The decision to award S137 money will be made by the full council and that decision shall be final.  Unsuccessful applicants are, however, free to re-apply the following year.

What the Parish Council will not fund:

1. The activities of political organisations.
2. The activities of religious organisations unless they can show that they operate clear and open community activities which do not require membership or connection to the organisation and that the grant would be of benefit to the community.
3. Salaries or ex-gratia payments
4. Events that have already occurred, or equipment already purchased.
5. Repayment of loans or costs of services.
6. Organisations that have closed or restricted membership

Grant Conditions:

1. The grant can only be used for the purpose stated in the application and the Council reserve the right to reclaim any grant not being used for the specified purpose.
2. Individuals may apply for grants if submitted on behalf of an organisation to which they belong.
3. The organisation is responsible for ensuring the grant is used for the purpose in which it was granted.
4. Organisations are responsible for ensuring they comply with all legal and statutory requirements.
5. Should for any reason the organisation disbands during the period of the grant the Council may ask for part or all of the monies back.
6. Prior approval of the Council is required if any change of use of the grant is required. Organisations must contact the Council before disposing of equipment or resources purchased using grant funding from the Council.

Adopted 2nd September 2021