The application for this development was refused on 29th October 2021

Signed by 123

Petition created on 4th August 2021

Baltonsborough Community Petition opposing a development of six houses on Ham Street - planning application 2021/0882/FUL

Proposed site shown in red below.

HH Plot C - 1.jpeg

Baltonsborough Parish Council recommended refusal on the material planning considerations listed below:

• NPPF, Local and Neighbourhood Plans:
The proposed development is outside the development limit of the village.
• Previous planning:
A proposal in relation to the site was refused in 2009, citing negative impact on the local environment.
• Highway issues:
The exits/entrances to the site are from a narrow rural lane just before a blind bend. This would be
highly unsafe.
• Visual impact:
The proposed development will contribute to the further infilling of Ham Street with housing,
destroying the rural ambience of this part of the village.
• Adverse impacts on nature, biodiversity, trees and hedges.

See: Minutes of Baltonsborough Parish Council meeting May 2021