Baltonsborough Village Show

The village show takes place annually on August Bank Holiday Monday from 12 noon on the village playing field.  If you would like to help with the show or have any queries,  then please contact: 

Mark Tinker     07717 220820 / 01458 850121 - 

Produce - Libby Sydall              07714 404204 -

Stalls - David Aldridge               01458 851232 or 07889 365057

Farm Interest - Tommy Allen     07528 643652 - 

Dog Show - Sharon Johnston    07966 261960

Road Run - Kay Franklin           01458 851167

Classic Cars - Martin Fox          01458 850468

Flower Show - Libby Sydall        07714 404204

Music Co-ordinator - Jim Blackburn      01458 850761

General Enquiries -

Mark Tinker  07717 220820

or Dave Sanderson 07719 539977

Please check our Facebook Page

Although the Baltonsborough Show has been going for well over a century, it has not always been the large and vibrant event we see to-day. In recent memory, back in 1995 there was no marquee, little in the way of reserve funds and no main stage entertainment. It is a tribute to the enthusiasm of a wide circle of supporting individuals and village organisations that Baltonsborough now puts on a locally famous show every year. How did that come about?

We benefit from the passion of several special interest groups, such as the Dog Show, the Road and Rainbow Run, the classic vehicles and the farming section, who work independently,  but under the umbrella of the Show.

A large part of the administration,  and particularly the catering,  is driven by a dedicated core who are hoping to raise funds for a variety of village organisations,  such as the Church, Community Association, the Pre-school, sports clubs, members of the Village Hall Committee and others.

While fund raising is important to us, we hope never to lose sight of the essential task of providing an exciting show that represents good value for local families. The gate entrance fee has not risen for over 20 years. Last year’s free entertainment included four local bands and musicians, a fire eater/circus skills workshop and a magician.

There are plenty of stalls where you can spend money (many raising money for charities and village societies) but we still like to think that children and families can spend little and still have a good time.

On August Bank Holiday Monday very few people in the village manage to avoid a stint helping somewhere and without you all there would be no show.